How To Love Your Leather

A good leather purse is a fashion investment. Make yours last longer by learning how to clean leather. Doing so ensures you keep your hobos, clutches and totes looking great for years to come.

Leather is a natural product and requires some TLC to keep it in tip top condition. Inconsistency in colour, texture and tone of leather is a natural and unique characteristic, not a defect. Leather also ages and fades with time, this is another natural characteristic of this material and is expected to occur, however constant exposure to direct sunlight may speed up this process so store your goodies out of the light to keep them looking vibrant for longer.

The leathers used in our products are intended to soften with wear, and often they feature special colour and texture treatments that add charm and originality to our leather goods. To maintain the condition and longevity of your Cadelle Leather products and prevent them from aging and fading, we recommend you regularly love your leather with a leather cream conditioner every month or so depending on how often you wear your goodies. These cream conditioners are available to purchase from most shoe stores and/or leather repair stores. Storing your leather products in a cool place away from direct sunlight that is not too dry or too humid is also important in maintaining their condition.

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