Mandy Puffer Jacket: Must Have Travel Essential

The Mandy Leather Puffer Jacket: Your perfect travel companion!

Imagine this…

Your flights are booked, your passport is by the door, your anticipation is building, but there you are, standing in the middle of your bedroom, clothes strewn everywhere with your suitcase lying bare and empty on the floor. There are too many choices! Questions stream through your mind as you try to make sense of it all. Will one pair of boots be enough? Will it be too cold for jeans? Why do scarves take up so much room? How many pairs of socks are too many? What if I don’t have enough outfits? How can I be comfortable, but still classy? The one thing you’re sure of is that you MUST pack your Mandy Leather Puffer Jacket.

The Mandy Leather Puffer Jacket is the only one you’ll ever need. You pair her with denim jeans and leather boots for your stroll up to Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, and over-the-knee boots with tights and a corduroy skirt for shopping on Oxford Street, London. Snow begins to fall as you meander through Prague’s old town; you pull up Mandy’s hood, snowflakes getting caught in the faux fur trim. Her longline cut keeps out the brisk winds in the Scottish highlands; her soft, 100% leather outer hugs you as your train whisks you through the beautiful Swiss Alps. Mandy’s black colour can take you from day to night and back again in a second. You wear her with red lipstick for your dinner in Florence, and then spill mayonnaise on her as you eat fritz in Amsterdam, but a quick wipe with a soft, damp cloth and she’s as good as new. The Mandy Leather Puffer Jacket keeps you cool during the day, but warm in the evening, and is always stylish.

You sigh and smile as you begin to pack several items into your suitcase. You know that if you have your Mandy Leather Puffer Jacket, then nothing else matters. You have all you need.

Mandy is available for purchase through the TVSN website:

Written By Rachel Brabham