The Biggest Trends for Winter 2019

Snow bunnies rejoice, winter is officially here and we are definitely feeling it in Melbourne. On the bright side, a new season brings new trends and a whole new section of your wardrobe gets rediscovered! So put your summer dresses and sun hats aside and make way for layers upon layers because honestly we feel like winter gets a little chillier every year.

To lighten the sombre mood a lot of us find ourselves in during the next three months, we are going to explore some of the biggest trends for this season which will hopefully give you some inspiration to liven up your closet and your spirit. Lets begin with one of the cosiest and comfiest trends; fleece! 

1. All Things Fleece
Taking over from the puffer jacket trend of 2018 is the fleece jacket. This cosy trend is mostly seen in a zip up, pullover style, showing that the sports trend is hanging around for yet another year. The final Karl Lagerfeld designed collection presented by Fendi in Milan earlier this year included a gorgeous mustard coloured cropped jacket made up of a mix of leather and fleece panels. This spectacular design was a standout for us and showed a chic and elegant way to embrace the fleece jacket trend. 

Karl Lagerfeld's Fendi Collection
Fall/Winter 2019

Longchamp also unveiled their take on the fleece trend during their New York runway show with these stunning looks. The left shows off a chic crocodile print jumpsuit with the white fleece collar. We love this daring look that shows exactly how to dress up fleece. On the left is the other end of the scale: a casual boho inspired look featuring a leather and fleece cropped vest. 

Longchamp Collection
Fall/Winter 2019

Our take on the trend combines aspects of all three looks with our Milana jacket featuring a removable fleece collar. Dress it up with heels and a fitted dress, or dress it down with jeans and a tee; the Milana jacket will be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe this winter. Best of all, once the trend has passed, simply take off the fleece and you've still got a classic and gorgeous black leather jacket.

Cadelle Leather
Milana Jacket

2. Double Bagging
Finally, a trend that lets us wear two bags at once - if that's not the best excuse to shopping for even more bags then I don't know what is! This bag trend is a winner for a few reasons, one being that it is actually a lot more practical than you would think. Hang a smaller bag off your big back for quick access to the absolute essentials: money, keys and phone. It's a bit of a grab and go scenario where you can un-clip the small bag, slip into the grocery store and then clip it back onto the larger bag once you arrive at your final destination with all the essentials in tow! This works especially well for shopping - one bag to hold the credit card, the other is storage for your new goodies purchased! Clearly I am a big advocate for this one.

Below are some examples from Tod's, Miu Miu and Fendi which showcase a wide array of different styles and shapes. The first is a handy double bagging technique for the airplane: big bag with all the luggage in the overhead compartment, small bag with the in-flight necessities slips under your seat. Perfection!

Our Cadelle bag featuring the double bagging trend comprises this trend as well as the next trend on our list so keep reading to discover this must-have bag...

3. Round Bags
Round bags are a very fun way to switch up your look and add in a unique dimension to any outfit. This kind of trend is extremely useful in winter when we are all rocking our black on black look; a funky round bag can really lift an otherwise plain outfit. 

Below we have a furry leopard print circle bag from Marc Jacobs on the left, and a super cute metallic gold bag from Moschino on the right. These two bags are quite quirky and outrageous which takes the idea of a round bag, which is already quite out there, to a whole new level!

For our style we have taken a more relaxed, bohemian inspired approach in creating the Abrielle bag. Abrielle is a beautiful combination of two of the hottest bag trends: double bagging and round bags. We have paired these trends with an intricate laser cutting design and a stunning assortment of stud work to create a wearable yet unique and eye-catching set. 

Cadelle Leather
Abrielle Bag

4. Must Bring Everything
This trend is exactly as it sounds - designed for those who must bring everything with them on a daily basis. We are talking big totes that are big enough to handle everything a woman might possibly need throughout her day. For those of us who carry our entire lives around in our bag, well it has finally become fashionable so no one can tell you "do you really need all that?" anymore! Plus there's no better time to have this sort of trend around when you are constantly needing to pack scarfs, gloves and extra layers every time you leave the house.

As per the nature of needing to bring everything you possibly can, these bags are BIG. Basically here we are looking for the bigger the better. On the left we have a slouchy tote from Loewe and on the right a more structured bag from Off White.

Our Chelsea tote is the perfect choice for this trend. Showing similarities to the Loewe bag, Chelsea is a slouchy raw edge tote that is large enough to fit everything you could possibly need, plus the accessibility to easily grab whatever you need whenever you need it. An extra pocket on the front lets you keep the most popular items in easy reach.

Cadelle Leather
Chelsea Bag

5. Feline Frenzy
Last but not least, the feline trend is still very much alive and kicking for this season. I won't spend much time on this one because you already know what it's all about! Leopard is appearing on everything from dresses to shoes to bags to jackets. It's everywhere you look! We love this bag from Maryam Nassir Zadeh which shows off a similar shape to our Becky Feline bag. We chose a more structured bag for the trend this time round as we think a bit of structure with your leopard print makes the bag a lot easier to style in winter. Try pairing the Becky Feline bag with an all black outfit and you'll see just how chic winter can be.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh

Cadelle Leather
Becky Feline Bag

That's a wrap on the winter trends! Hopefully this has given you some inspo to switch up your style and get excited for winter fashion to be back! To shop all of these and more visit us at