How to freshen up your Winter wadrobe

As the weather gets colder our clothes get darker, the fun prints and bold colours tend to gradually move to the back of our wardrobes as the darker, heavier items creep further to the front. It's dark in the sky and it's dark in our wardrobes... For many, winter is a style inhibitor! It all sounds slightly sad doesn't it? 

Well, it doesn't have to be this way, just adding a small touch of colour can have profound effects on our outfits as well as our well-beings. However, the thought of parting with our black chunky knits and heavy jackets is not so appealing. Never fear, we don't have to be decked out in bold colours head to toe to feel stylish and on trend; simply adding a fun accessory in a gorgeous bright colour here and there can be all it takes to get an outfit from dull to delish in moments. Cadelle Leather is here to help...

When in need of fashion advice, inspiration and guidance it's important to look with in yourself as well as to voices of knowledge and wisdom. According to Harpers Bazaar our 'it colours' of 2019 are 'living coral', 'buttermilk yellow', 'sage green', 'auburn red' and 'Egyptian blue' and it turns out our Cadelle Leather new arrivals are pretty good matches! Let me introduce you to five bags and colours that will help you feel a little more alive and vibrant during this winter season. 

1.'Living Coral'  & The Elsa
This vibrant and alluring, yet sophisticated piece is the easy and fun way to express your feminine and sensitive side. A little coral tote bag can be a gorgeous addition to an all black outfit, or a gorgeous lift to a pair of denim jeans paired with a white tee.

Cadelle Leather Elsa

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2019

2.'Butter Milk Yellow' & The Kaley 
Kaley will have you walking with a skip in your step for sure. Styled simply with blues and denim allows her colour to really pop. Yellow is too often put in the 'too bright' and 'too bold' category, but it's time to change that and see how it can have a home in your accessory collection. 

 Cadelle Leather Kaley

Lee Matthews Resort Wear 2019

3. 'Sage Green' & The Taliah
Green is gorgeous! The Taliah is a perfect piece to pair with white for a clean, simple and effortless look. This tone of green is also a great one to slowly transition away from black or brown if you aren't quite ready for the more vibrant yellows and pinks. 

Cadelle Leather Taliah

Camilla and Marc Resort 2019

4. 'Egyptian Blue' and the Adriana
This bold blue number will have you shining with confidence and adds a pop of fun to a winter's day outfit. A vibrant blue like this one is a versatile colour to have in your wardrobe, weather that be in the form of a bag, shoe or clothing item. Also, we are loving pairing blue with gold, the strong tones complement each other with out fighting for attention. 

Cadelle Leather Adriana

Pereira Resort 2019

5. 'Auburn Red' and The Jaklyn.
A red tote bag is perfect for winter, it's warm and inviting and might even encourage you to give the rep lip a go! Red and black have been a beautiful colour pair all through out winter fashion history, so the Jaklyn will easily slide in to your wardrobe, if, like most of the Melbourne population in winter... you live in all black everything!

Cadelle Leather Jaklyn

Christopher Esber Resort 2019

And that brings us to the end of the five colour inspirations and accompanying bags to take your winter wardrobe from drab to fab! If these colours don't get you excited to spice up your look I don't know what will! 

It's so important to not lose sight of our style identities in winter, whilst remaining comfortable and warm. So what easier way than too buy a new bag in a gorgeous 'it colour' this season. All of the beautiful bags featured in this blog are available at: