4 Travel Tips You Need to Know

Travelling, especially on a plane, can be often be a tiring, stressful ordeal that leaves you feeling anything but stylish. In lieu of the upcoming long weekend though, we have decided to leave this well known struggle behind and so compiled some top tips for stepping out at your destination with that ‘first class’ glow. 

1. Tired makeup on touchdown? That’s so 2018.
If you’re meeting a special someone at arrivals, a hydrating facial mist can work wonders to refresh your look. Find formulas with rose water or cucumber to refresh and revive parched skin. For bonus points; apply your makeup before boarding but skip the powder, mascara and lip gloss. Use a compact mirror to apply those finishing touches just before landing.  

2. Last minute getaway? No problem. 
Keep a clear case filled with travel-sized beauty products and add to it as you collect them throughout the year. Take advantage of hotel shampoos, trial sizes from your local beauty bazaar and reusable travel bottles. You’ll soon create a luxe miniature beauty kit that has you ready to fly to exotic destinations at a moments notice, never forgetting your must have items. 

3. What she’s having? No thanks. 
Nothing ruins a glamorous vacation like picking up a nasty bug on the plane. Look and feel your best by keeping some immune system boosters in your carry-on bag. Individual Vitamin C sachets and effervescent electrolyte tablets are easy to find, fit neatly into your bag and can be a total lifesaver if your talkative neighbour in 12D cant stop sneezing.  

4. Missing passport drama?
We don’t know her. Have a sleek carry on bag stocked and ready year-round with your travel documents, along with in-flight essentials like headphones and that new book you keep trying to find time for. Our Lorenzo Luggage Bag is perfect because it’s lightweight but delivers maximum style. It can double as a briefcase to give work trips a little flair and has a handy laptop compartment inside. Lorenzo comes in chic neutrals camel and black to perfectly match any wardrobe!

There you have it, 4 of our top tips for arriving in style this long weekend! Check out our Lorenzo Luggage bag available in both colours here