Easter Weekend Outfits

Good Friday
Good Friday is the first day of the 4 day weekend and for most of us the first day of what can often be a weekend full of celebrations and get togethers. So, as it's the first, it's time to dress up a little! Opt for a cute dress in a colour, we've chosen olive green as it's a more muted colour so we can wear a flattering silhouette that is made conservative enough for Good Friday celebrations by the modest colour choice. Add on a printed scarf to increase the femininity of the look creating an essence of effortless beauty. We've finished off the look with our Lindsey bag in camel to work with the neutral base of the scarf and keep the overall palette light and relaxed. Keep jewellery to a minimal and hair down to give that perfect balance of smart casual meets feminine beauty. 

Lazy Saturday

Most people have a break from the celebrations today so we suggest an outfit that allows you to move around comfortably with zero restrictions. This outfit is perfect for just that - pair a midi (or maxi if you prefer) skirt with a loose cami for a gorgeous boho look that is super comfy! We've added on our Mikayla bag in black and some black lace up heels to pick up on the black specs of the skirt that results in a polished looking outfit - the perfect disguise for a lazy Saturday! 

Sunday Brunch
Easter Sunday is what most of us consider 'Easter' itself. This is usually the day where all of the Easter egg hunts are on, all of your extended family is there and it's a long, fun-filled but often exhausting day! For that reason you'll want to opt for something a bit more comfortable than Friday's look, but still a dressed up and put together outfit as it is a special occasion and there's bound to be plenty of pictures. We have chosen a pair of palazzo pants in a basic black and white striped print paired with a plain black cami. The plain cami tucked into the waistline of the pants helps to give you back your shape to create a more feminine silhouette and in turn gives the look a dressy, put together feel. Pair the look with your favorite jewellery items, black comfortable heels and a clutch. We've chosen our Serpentine clutch for this outfit as the gold fittings and structured design give the outfit a more upmarket and formal essence. A clutch or small bag is a must have on days like today when you only need the essentials.

Monday Relaxin'
The final day of the long weekend is here so it's time to make the most of it. If it's shining, get out in the sun at some point today, yet make sure you leave plenty of time to unwind and most definitely have a relaxing afternoon planned as the first day back to work after a long weekend is never easy! We're keeping it light and breezy with a loose fitted mini dress -depending on the weather in your state you may have to opt for a maxi instead - with a cute print to add some dimension to this monochromatic look. Add on a belt if you're looking for a little more shape and finish the look off with whatever size bag you might need - we've gone for the Elsa bag so we can fit everything we might need; jacket, snacks, room for shopping and more!

Hopefully the above looks have given you some outfit inspiration for Easter weekend. Wishing everyone a safe and happy easter from all of us at Cadelle!

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